Digital Printing and Photography

I am a pro-photographer and digital printer and I got my start when I was 7 when my father gave me my first camera a pentax k-1000. I was hooked ever after that taking portraits and photographing everything I could. I knew then that I was bound to become a photographer. I got into the dark room when I was 11 and started printing black and white photograph. Little did I know that digital printing and digital photography was just around the corner for me.

Working with people is the one thing that I love. Taking portraits is something that I have done as a hobby and been a semi professional for a long time now. Please email me if you want to have some pictures taken and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. Also take a look at my images that I have taken through out the years. I have placed the best images that I have so please tell me what you think.

Things to think about before you email me in regards to having a session done…

Print size 30x40




Do you know the size of print that you want and where you want to place it. This is very important. When you find the location and or know the location take a few steps back. Imagine where you or friends and family will be standing when they look at it. Then you can decide on a size. For instance an 8×10 on the wall and natural viewing distance is 17 feet away would not be a great size for that distance and in the same breath a 30×40 on the wall in the hall way which is 3.5 or 4ft wide is not a good size for that area. Once you do this you can know what size of print that you need.


Have an idea before you commit to a session in regards to indoor/outdoor and time of season. This can make all the difference in the world! If you have the idea on what you would like the print to portray please let me know because then happier you will be with the end result.20x24 Digital printing size

-What should the image be-

Think of what you want this portrait to be… A close up of you and your family? A photojournalistic image of you and your husband/wife? A full body image of you and yours? All these things make a huge difference on when where and how to get what you want. Remember the more I know the easer it is to make your vision into a reality!

-Modern or Traditional-

Do you want a digital print that looks like is should be in a fashion magazine or do you want to have it look like is was something that could hang on the wall for 20 years and nobody knows if it was taken yesterday or 10 years ago?

With these few things I can help create timeless images that you will cherish through out the days to come.


I am a digital printing and photography artist and the pro-photographers come to me when they need there wall pictures taken.Picture of turner family

If you have any questions or would like to book a time to do a photography session go to the contact me page and send me an email. Looking forward to working with you.







Like I do on my websites I have to give a thanks to people and places that helped my wife and I. A few years ago my wife and I had a problem. She had some girl issues ” I hope everyone know what I am talking about and she had to go in for surgery. She had a vaginal mesh put in. She started to have problems soon after she had it done. She was having a problem with laughing and not being able to “hold it in” and lots of stomach pain. We found and it helped us with our problem and gave us the information to find a doctor. From there she had the surgery redone and she could not be happier. So special thanks to making our life together livable again. If you are saying to yourself “this is too personal” don’t worry. I asked permission from my wife and she tells everybody about this so they do not have to go thru the same issues as we did.